Fund Your Own MCA

PSC is a service provider that offers a white labeled version of our proprietary Merchant Cash Advance Software. Our service includes a front-end to back-end relationship management solution and we provide you with the staff.

Your Funding Team

Your Qualified Operations Team supports your funding process. They will handle your deal from submission all the way to collections. We support the process so you can concentrate on what you do best, run your business.

Syndication Module

We give you the ability to have multiple partners to syndicate on one file. Your syndicating partners will have full transparency along with reports on the deals they participate in.

Secure Technology

Your files are stored and encrypted. All the information is stored in our secured data centers and backed up in numerous locations for redundancy.


Understand we are not just software, PSC provides our members with a full-time support staff. This staff will take your file from start to finish and then prepare the file for the collections team to take over. No need to train, hire or manage employees, we get it all done for you. From our customer relations executives, to our network specialists, the PSC staff is trained to communicate with any type of business owner or funder.

No matter where your place is in the MCA industry, we have a solution for you at PSC.

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